A facial expertly tailored for every skin, in which Rindie combines cleansing, exfoliation, steam, gentle but effective extractions (including Mila removal) and treatment masks. All facials incorporate head, neck and shoulder massage with individually mixed essential massage oils and techniques like facial reflexology, Ayurvedic lifting massage, Japanese facial massage, Accupuncture pressure points and Lymphatic massage make this a powerful facial.

The advanced facial technology used; includes the latest in cosmeceutical products; Vitamins and Hyaluronic Serum infused with the oxyjet and micro-current to strengthen tired muscles and lift them back into their youthful shape and high frequency to calm the skin & promote healing. To finish off the facial, she uses the power of light therapy to deliver safe, effective, comfortable skin rejuvenation and healing through LED optimised light which is absorbed through cell receptors to increase cell energy and collagen production.

With her experience in facial treatment design, Rindie creates a unique facial to achieve a more youthful hydrated, radiant and smooth complexion.

Your skin will be introduced to a carefully selected range of paraben free products. 

(arms and legs massage included in 2 hour facial)

1 Hour


2 Hour



This facial is great for the youthful skin which might struggle with break outs or other teenage related skin conditions. Anti-Inflammatory clay mask deals with all surface bacteria and calm down an inflamed skin. Towards the end of the facial Rindie uses High Frequency which kills any remaining bacteria, promote healing and also have a calming effect on the skin.
Her formulae works wonders and receive a hearty response from her teenage clients and their parents.



Pure holistic face and skin indulgence without the aid of technology is the approach of The Lifting Facial Massage. For 60 minutes Rindie concentrates on massaging of the underlying facial muscle to enhance skin elasticity, eliminate toxins, reduce water retention & puffiness and stimulate cellular activity. This facial is further enhanced through Acupuncture pressure points, Lymphatic drainage with jade rollers and soft pumping movements to create a more youthful radiant skin.


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